Dimension B

by Benjamin Bear



This album uses a bunch of weird and tiny instruments. Some of the things you are hearing:

Casio PT-1
Korg Monotron
Korg Kaoss Pad KP2
1970s Lowrey "Little Genie" Organ


released October 25, 2011

All music performed, written, mixed, and mastered by Benjamin Bear

Extra special thanks to Indiana Felix De la Cruz for her invaluable support and patience. <3

Recorded at Lost Woods, Minnesota




Benjamin Bear Reading, Pennsylvania

In 1750, Benjamin Franklin was observed by over fifteen residents of Philadelphia as he branded an unidentified man with an Illuminati insignia. He was overheard telling one of his associates, “my work will be done once Benjamin Bear arrives to complete it.”

The reliability of these findings has been verified.

Benjamin Bear has arrived.
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Track Name: Out Here in the Sunshine
Life ain't a game but
Let's say that I win
I'm out on the long road
I go with my friends
And yes, it's all right
Don't you worry
Everything will be just fine
And I'm out here in the sunshine
Picking up the pieces of my life

Look out your windows
And all the way down
No, you won't see me
Just standing around
I took the long way
But now it's easy
Everything is looking bright
And I'm out here in the sunshine
Picking up the pieces of my life

Back to your ways, girl
And back to your cage
I'm in a new place now
Enjoying the days
There ain't no darkness
Going 'round me
All the shade is out of sight
'Cuz I'm out here in the sunshine
Picking up the pieces of my life

So pick up your things now
If you happen to go
You don't need to see what
You might already know
No don't you worry
About a thing now
Everything has all been tried
And I'm out here in the sunshine
Picking up the pieces of my life
Track Name: We're On This Ride Together
I smile in the dark
Because I am not alone
Together at last
In this world of our own
The value's the same
As what I thought it would be
So I'm troubled no more
By the things that I see

We're on this ride together
So don't let me down
We're gonna ride forever
Once we leave this town
We're not far away from where we
Used to play
So let's go right up to heaven
Once we leave this place

I'm halfway to sleep
When I need to lie down
It seems that my life
Likes to kick me around
But there's no concern
That I'll worry about
Because just like before
I'm gonna find a way out


So let's go away
So they won't know we're gone
We will start a new life
Underneath a new sun
In a place on the earth
Where the greener grass grows
I shall stay by your side
In this world of our own

Track Name: Blame This
When troubles come to get you
Blame your money
Blame your friends and God
Don't think that they can help you
You're on your own now
It's just you and the world
And you live with no reason
No reason to believe
Anyone can help you out
Forget about the people
Who only love you
They cannot help you now

You stare at your reflection
What do you see?
A mass of tainted flesh
Don't think you might hold beauty
When all you feel
All you feel is emptiness
You hide inside your darkness
And cry yourself to sleep
'Cuz all your hope is gone
And all those foolish people
Are only wasting
Their time and hope and love

Let's get a new thing going
'Cuz it's time to make a change (yes it is)
Said let's get a new thing going
I don't think you're all that strange
And I believe in one thing
And that's the morning
The sun will always rise
Don't care about the sunset
You'll never change it
Oh, you just believe the lies

Well I'm standing in the graveyard
Got dirt up to my knees
I'm sinking in the mud now
So go do what you please
And all they want to sell you
Is all their products
Increase their bottom line
You know that you can change it
When they control you
Just gotta change your mind (here we go)
Track Name: Live In Your Own World
When there's lots of stupid people come to angry your blood
And you're thinking 'bout a way that you can die or give up
You replace them with a copy that you can't understand
And you drive to California just to be in a band
But the ocean turns against you it's determined to fight
And the creatures of the sea intend to threaten your life
You can see just how important their opinions can be
Which is nothing when compared to all the wrath of the sea

So go on now
Live in your own world
You don't need to change
Just open your heart
And never again
Should you feel different
We're always the same
We're just torn apart
So just reach out and let it go

Now whenever you meet someone you keep open your mind
There's a chance a bad idea might just cause you to unwind
But relax and just remember that there's nothing to fear
There's no harm in an opinion running loose in your ear
And the words are all around you any place any time
But there's just no common value search around and you'll find
That ideas are just as physical to anyone else
And remember that your bubble still belongs to yourself

Track Name: Sock Drawer
I'm sick of asking for favors
And I'll just do it myself
And I'll I'm finding is the flavor of the weak man
I'll go get somebody else
And don't you try and stop me
Or try to change my mind
You ain't delivered on a single word yet
I'm tired of wasting my time

You wanna blame it on others
And make a million scenes
But you ain't never done nothing for no one
That didn't give you everything
And I'm tired of the blame game
'Cuz all that gameplay sucks
Pointing fingers out with both hands
Trying to tell me what

Come on now

And walk in like you own the place and they believe you
But what you don't know is that I can always see right through you

You think you're somebody special
But you ain't nothing at all
You stand around like you're 10 foot 20
You wearing extra small
And I'd love it if you'd shove off
Except I know you won't
This town ain't big enough for two of us baby
It's time to give up the ghost

And every time you tell me things'll be just fine without me
But you ain't got nothing to give you only want to fight me

I got some words for you honey
Go on and do yourself
'Cuz in a minute you'll be back in the game and
Do it to somebody else
And you can live in the moment
'Cuz that's just all you know
Look around for the right words baby
You can bare your soul

All right now

And all my problems are just based around your space around me
But what I really need is time without your face about me

And all you really do is sit around with complications
A world without you here could probably just save the nation

All right

You've been busted.
Track Name: Dusk
Take the wheel
Turn the page
Here's the life you've got to live
Packed away
Far from home
Looking back on where you've been
And I don't really know if there's an answer

Make your way
Past the lines
No you're still not left behind
Look around
All you know
Is how far you've got to go
It's time to face the fact that you can't help it

And maybe a way
Will find you someday
There's always a place
To find a home
And don't you get down
About the small things
It's all in your mind
If you take control

Let it breathe
Walk away
Everything will be okay
Keep the faith
See the light
Just hold on for one more night
'Cuz morning's gonna come if you just let it

Note the smile
See the change
Yes at first it might seem strange
Break the ties
Open up
Have to say you've had enough
And time will never tell because it's choking


"guitar solo"

Track Name: Bookmarks
Day breaks warmer through my window
Blocking out the things I had to say
And no I'd never drive again if I could help it
Roads just always seem to go for days
And I suppose that courage could be bottled
Labels are designed to look that way
But all my wisdom will fall into nothing
Morning never seems to want to stay

Bookmarks are only temporary
Always get removed when you are done
And there are miles and miles of shelving units
Full of tales ignored by everyone
But in the sky the stars are always shining
Even if they've burnt out long ago
Far out in space their legends keep on floating
Like headlights in a thousand miles of snow

I want to lay my fortune to a razor
Going out in style is always fine
And you know people always marvel when you're dressing very well
You can feel the fist bump in your mind
All of my cards are worn out on the bottom
From being stuck in play for far too long
And when I finally cash out I hope they all will stick around
And listen to all of my stupid songs